Posted by: aquividens | 2011/01/18

SNSD’s Yoona resembles a 12 year old model who’s ‘already 169cm tall’

Soshi’s Yoona was found to have a similar appearance to the model.

This 12 year old model, MONA, is currently hot topic in Japan. With her big and round eyes, straight nose, thin lips, and oval face, she bears a similar atmosphere to Yoona. With her ‘carbon copy’ looks, this Yoona look-a-like has caught the attention of netizens.

At 169cm tall with a 32-23-32 inch figure, MONA is young, but has such enviable body proportions that many can’t believe she’s 12.

In a photoshoot for the pop culture brand SPICY COLOR, MONA’s youthful charm, along with her cute and sporty looks, has been attracting attention.

Netizens have commented about the photo, saying such things as, “I do not know which one is Yoona”, “I can see her being Yoona’s younger sister”. But there are also the responses, “Yoona is by far prettier” and “At first glance maybe, but upon closer look they are different.”

~ credits to NEWSEN and ENS ~
My own translation/compilation of both articles (please credit “baengshin” or “aquividens” if taking out of here.)

IMO, I can see the similarities, but I’m still not entirely convinced. XD




  1. YOONA you’re still the best….. saranghaeyeo unnie

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